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Brandon Shaw
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I was born in Massachusetts and moved to South Portland, Maine when I was 7. While Boston is easier for people to recognize on a map, I've been technically calling Scarborough, Maine my hometown for the past nineteen years, even though I really haven't lived there for the latter ten years of that period.

I went to UMaine during Fall of 2000 as a Computer Science Majorer, changed my major to Computer Engineering and changed it back to Computer Science in Fall 2003. I graduated in May of 2005 hating my major (some aspects were fun, though) and occasionally still hope to have nothing to do with it in the "real world." Instead, I traveled halfway across the world to teach 6~12 year-olds how to count from one to ten off of the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. Then I hiked up and down the "Banana Pancake Trail," backpacked across Europe, and even started a bluegrass band when I got back to Southern Maine. Now living in Maryland, I'm still rediscovering myself mile by mile while training for the Baltimore Marathon.

My liver will remind me of these years long after I'm too old to remember them myself. At least I'll have a story to tell the grandchildren.

After this, who knows? Australia's nice, I hear... so was teaching. Maybe I'll see if I can combine the two.

I think of myself as a lifelong traveler and a lifelong learner, but I'd also like to think of myself as an amateur a freelance landscape photographer. That means both that I like to be behind the camera instead of in front of it and that I don't like people ruining my shots by being in them. I tool around with a Canon PowerShot A640 and it rocks my world.

      ...speaks Japanese and reads fortunes
      ...studied in Tokyo for a semester
      ...prefers vanilla over chocolate
      ...hates pictures being taken of him
      ...has made claims to being vegetarian at times
      ...dips french fries in mashed potatoes
      ...is in love with his bass guitar
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