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Does Anybody Still Read This Anymore?

...just taking a survey.
You know, every time I log into this thing, it seems like LJ disables some other functionality that I liked.  Case in Point: go back to previous on my friend's page.  That was kind of nice.  Oh, well.  I don't use this as much as FB anyways...

So I'm in Chico, CA now and it hasn't been too bad.  Doing an install here, of course, and it's my second time in the Napa Valley area... they tend to send people to the same places over and over again (I'm sure it's by design), so I'd actually be pretty stoked if Napa Valley/Lake Tahoe becomes "mine."  Beautiful part of the country, and there are plenty of things to do, so it's not too bad.

Next install scheduled for me is out in Columbus, NE.  Woo.  It's another week long trip and about a month away.  I have a bunch of stuff between now and then, including:
- Parents visiting at the end of the month
- Sox game at Camden Yards (8/1)
- Dave Matthews' Band concert (8/8)
- Getting ready for my next Half Marathon (9/6, I believe)

Sort of slipped out of conditioning for running since my friend Nick moved in.  The idea was that he's been having issues finding a job in Maine, and since I was out of the office for most of June, I suggested he come down for a couple months... see if anything picks up.  I'm paying for the place anyways, and was sort of considering moving into a bigger place with a roommate, so this could be a good situation if it works out for him.  Problem is that -- while he did start working PT at BBY last weekend -- he's saving his money by spending most of his time at the apartment, so I try and spend time with him there instead of hitting the gym or whatever.  Inevitably, we wind up drinking a beer or two, so I've been putting on a bit of weight lately, too.  I really need to get a hold of that.

Outside of that, life is good.  Hope the same for you and yours.
hrmm... still nothing new to report.  Just outside of Chicago now; on an install and will be all week.  Next week: Kentucky, and all the bluegrass I can shake a hillbilly at.  Actually looking forward to that.

Looking forward to getting home, though.  Need to bust through FFIV: The After Years and want to get back into the gym thing.  My hotel room is actually right across from the indoor pool and the Phitness Center (sic) but I'm unmotivated.  Mostly because I suck.

Haven't been sleeping well at all since the weekend.  Hopefully I'm still doing fine.
No, I haven't forgotten about you.  There's just been nothing to say, but I'll say it anyways...

- Work's been heating up, I'm getting my own projects and the installs are coming up, too.  Crazy.
- Retail is still just another job.  Thinking I may leave it in October but the more I tell people about it, the more I secretly think it won't happen...
- I'm thinking I could really use a long weekend to myself just to do stuff and enjoy the weather.  I think I'll take a random Monday off.
- Still running, but kind of not too motivated for it at the moment.  Next race (for now) is in September then the real-for-goodness marathon in October.  I really should get back up on training, but maybe it's just 'cuz I'm sick...

Upcoming projects/etc.:
- Taking Grad Algorithms at Towson in Fall (project -- registering for it sometime between now and August...).
- Starting up a JLPT Study Group for the 2Q test in December.
- Taking a vacation with Roy and Pat in October.
- I keep telling myself I'm going to do my acoustic recording project.  I'm going to need to buy a bit of equipment, figure out how to set this up, and then just bust some of that out sometime.  Hopefully that'll be the catalyst I need to finish those songs I've been writing... details TBA.


I'm getting up to my one year anniversary of living in B'more.  Crazy.  What's kind of sad is that the three people I've met in the area and hung out with are all moving away.  Jordan -- finishing up his contract year and trying to find work closer to home.  Jenna -- graduated, looking for a job elsewhere.  Heather -- moving in with her boyfriend; she'll still be close but we barely see each other now and she's moving to a place really out of the way.  Sometime soon, it'll be just me again.


So work is going well.  I was supposed to be in Cleveland this week but wound up going to Charlotte last week instead -- don't ask me how that works out, office politics -- and this was the week to be out of the office.  It's been busy, and it seems like we're all just playing catch-up.  I was in yesterday until 7 with my boss, my supe, a senior engineer, and another rook like me tying up loose ends.  So today I get an email -- I have my own clients now.  Three practices, actually, and it's basically my job to make sure they, in particular, are happy with their product.  In all likelihood, if any updates are required that require somebody to be on-site, this will be me.  And since it just so happens that all of these clients are in Tennessee, Nashville is my new home away from home.  This is kind of cool, and at least I feel like I'm slowly moving up the food chain.

I'm getting a raise in a month, but that's not really of note.  We're changing insurance plans to our parent company, so everybody is getting a raise to cover the difference in out-of-pocket expenses.  So basically, I'm almost moving up another tax bracket and will still have nothing to show for it.  Bah!

- Sacramento/Napa Valley in one week.  I've already been warned that I'll be getting plenty of wine on St. Patrick's Day.  Maybe Justin will come out for a Green Beer to celebrate.

- El Paso in two weeks.  I'll probably dip out to Mexico for an authentic burrito sometime during that trip.  Or take my golf clubs.  Or both.

Outside of that, not much has changed.  I've got that marathon thingee in two weeks and my life has been all about work or the gym.  I've kind of decided that I want to get back into Japanese, so I need to find a good venue to practice/study/something.  Maybe I'll look into classes at Towson or something...  

That's it.

Feb. 6th, 2009

Just to clear some stuff up...

Went to the doctor the other day, mostly because you know... it's been almost 10 years since my last real check up and I finally got health insurance.  I had a couple of questions about my weight and my workout, but mostly just wanted to make sure everything was in order.  But I did have a concern that's been bugging me lately: I use the bathroom a lot and have been for the past couple of months.  

Quick review of my family history: both of my maternal grandparents passed away due in part to complications of diabetes; adult onset symptom (among others): you use the bathroom a lot.  My grandfather also had prostate cancer; adult onset symptom (among others): you use the bathroom a lot.  Then there's my dad who, at around my age, went to the doctor to get a checkup and was diagnosed with FSGS (a.k.a., focal segmentation glomurolii sclerosis, read as: renal kidney failure); adult onset symptom (among others): you guessed it, you use the bathroom a lot.  And guess what?  All these diseases are genetic.

So I went to the doctor and even without my symptoms I know he'd want to run some tests, so I'm getting a CBC, a CMP, a UA, and a PSA done.  Problem is that my job gives me a little bit of medical knowledge -- the Complete Blood Count checks your overall health (versus sickness) and a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel can give a lot of information about diet and general well-being; I knew I was going to get these going in to the appointment and I've honestly never had any of this done.  But I also know that a UrinAlysis is kind of uncommon for people my age (they're really for kids you don't want to stick) and a Prostate-Specific Antigen test is rare for a 27 year old.  The latter basically measures in 50 year old men how far advanced Prostate cancer is, and I know he's kind of concerned about my prostate because he stuck his finger up my butt (along with other symptoms that I've noticed recently).

Best case scenario?  This just seems to be a weird, lingering infection, I get put on antibiotics, and will be done with it in a little bit.   Likely situation, same as above, but the tests will show that I'm not the healthiest person and will give me a good gauge of what I'll be facing later on down the road.

Worst case scenario #1?  He sees something he doesn't like and will refer me to an endocrinologist who will give me the ultimatum to get my ass in gear or be put on Dialysis.  Either way, I live on pills the rest of my life (much like my dad).  #2?  Same situation, but I have some sort of major prostate problem that will eventually turn cancerous hopefully later rather than sooner.  He didn't seem to concerned about diabetes for me, but that would be a distant #3 -- not too excited about the idea of living on an insulin pump, but I think I could live my life like that.

So yeah... that's what's been on my mind lately.  Any questions?

MEME: 25 things...

 Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

***For the 1 or 2 of you out there who don't have Facebook, this is X-posted here (behind cut).  Actually, I'll confess that most of this info was originally posted here before, so you still get the drop on info before everybody else did, you lucky dogs, you.***

つづきを読む...Collapse )

As an aside, still waiting on one last W-2, but it already looks like a.) I'll owe somebody something, and b.) I'll get back more than I owe.  I've never done such complicated W-2's before, though.  Mostly it's a lot of red tape with "what did you pay out to that state and what did you make in this one" that isn't making it easy, but moving is actually a huge tax deduction.  Hrmm...

Dentist appointment tomorrow, so a half day at work.  Yippee(?).


Just Poking My Head In.

I haven't forgot about this LJ thing, just things have been getting in the way and I have a lot of other writing I need to finish first.  On the To-Do List:
- my 2008 Holiday Newsletter (see: above; a copy will go here when I'm done)
- I'm trying to draft up an itinerary/budget for a trip this winter (South America)
- I need to work on an appeal to receive in-state tuition at Towson
- my 08 Income Taxes (not really writing, but...)
- update my resume (not looking for a job, but you never know)
- I'm trying to revamp my online representation (see: Facebook, my LJ Profile, etc.)
- ...and there's a silly "25 things" meme going around Facebook that I was tagged for (a copy will go here when I'm done)

Kind of a good thing I didn't do the whole grad school thing, because work has kept me real busy lately.  Long story short, I had my 3 month performance review where I brought up how my lack of travel was sort of not meeting my expectations and, well... they fixed that.  I was in New York a couple weeks ago, Illinois/Indiana this week, and will be in Georgia in two weeks.  After that, there should be a little bit of a break... or I may wind up out in Texas or Nebraska in the last week of February.

Not that it's an excuse, but I do check in here occasionally and I noticed a lot of you haven't been posting here; that sort of makes this site easy to forget to update and all... but then I logged in and saw that everybody's been doing the whole "protected entry" thing... and that LJ changed itself so that I can only go back 20 entries on my friend's page.  Cute.

As a random aside, I think I left my cell at work 'cuz I'm a dumbass.
I believe in truth in advertising, so there you go.  Title says it all.

Anyways, yeah... in Fort Lee, NJ now.  About .5 miles away from NYC and from the scary yet amazing Bronx/Washington Heights area of Manhattan Island... I can actually see the GWB from my hotel room and have had the theme from "Night Court" stuck in my head since Monday.  True story.  Good share.

It should be obvious that I'm on an install now.  It's going really well, but I can't take all the credit for it -- the guy I'm "training" actually used to install an earlier/stripped down version of my system and just needed a refresher.  I was seriously done by about 10 this morning and have been enjoying the free, paid trip to NYC since.  My next scheduled install will also be in NYC (with a proper hotel on 54th street in Manhattan) so it looks like I may be becoming the new NYC gopher at work.  While I haven't gotten a chance to play in the city yet on this trip, it looks like I will be coming back soon.  In the meantime, I am having fun finding restaurants here in Jersey and playing with my new GPS. 

Tomorrow, I'll stroll into the clinic at around 10-ish and stick around until lunch... then I'll try and make it downtown for no point whatsoever besides the adventure of riding the crosstown subway.   Maybe I'll check out Times Square and try and find a decent slice of pie... I was thinking of maybe grabbing a play but likely not.  I just don't want to stay out too late because Thursday's a school night.

Not really, but I do have plans besides the whole "drive back to MD" thing.  Next Sunday (12/14) is the last race of the year for MD, and just in case I can swing it, I'm going to try and make it to the gym.  After that my friend Heather wants me over to her place for dinner, and another one of my friends down here -- the bartender, if you catch the Facebook references -- is having a birthday party at her place.  Suddenly, it's like I'm popular, but not really.  Hopefully I'll beat this cold before then.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Page 56 meme.

* Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence along with these instructions in a post to your blog.

"What was real was the message that Jessica had left on his answering machine, telling him she did not want to see him again."

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